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Living In Place EXPLAINED - Part II

Living in Place Explained Part II

On April 21, 2022, Jim Closs spoke as part of CARP’s Living in Place Explained, Part II, an open discussion around the various elements the effect safe and healthy Living in Place as we age. Jim was joined by Lesya Dyk of LDOT Occupational Therapy, who discussed the role of occupational therapy and the importance

Elder Abuse Prevention

Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario

On March 31st Jim Closs spoke as part of the Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario Master Class: Engagement Interventions and Promising Practices. Here is a breakdown of the conversation and a recording of the webinar. Enjoy.  All important matters in life are discussed around the kitchen table and the ideas around safety and care as we age


What do we mean by “Everyone Out”?

Over the past two years there has been a keen awareness around emergency preparedness because of the spread of Covid-19 and its continuing variants. There also has been an uptick in natural disasters that we are witnessing from more prevalent wildfires, flooding and destructive windstorms.   This awareness has influenced how we view all emergencies

fall prevention

Fall Prevention for Seniors: The Fall Risk of Stairs

Canada’s population is aging, and over the past decade, the number of over 65-year-olds has increased from around 5 million to 6.8 million. By 2036, experts predict that the number of seniors will reach 10.47 million… the vast majority of whom plan to age in place; to stay in their homes for as long as


Jim Closs on The Humble & Fred Podcast

On March 14th, 2022, Jim Closs, National Director of Age Safe Canada, visited with Humble & Fred on their Podcast to discuss Aging in Place and the Age Safe Canada platform. After a long and illustrious radio career as the top GTA morning radio team in the ‘90’s, H&F had to reinvent themselves and became

aging with cats

Aging in Place with Elderly Pets

Aging in Place isn’t just for Humans Seniors who decide to age in place have many reasons for doing so. Perhaps it’s due to finances, to stay nearer family and friends, or a combination. But for some, one of their deciding factors is because of their beloved pets. Nowadays, many of us consider our pets

rise and recliner

Rise and Recline Chair – Making the Right Choice

Picture this: it’s a cold winter’s evening and you’re sitting in your armchair. The fire is crackling, and you have a nice hot cup of cocoa in your hands. Perhaps you’re reading, watching tv or listening to some music. Cosy, isn’t it? After a while, you start to feel restless. You try changing your sitting

How is Resale Value Affected by Home Modifications?

Interview with a Realtor Reduced mobility can impact people’s daily lives in many ways. One of the biggest worries people might face as their mobility wanes is about where to live, as what was once an ideal home may eventually become difficult to move around in, reducing family members’ independence. The decision between staying at

Aging in Place Home Modifications: The Effect of COVID-19 on Housing Decisions

We are constantly hearing how COVID-19 has affected people’s lives with changes that no one would have predicted a few years ago. Due to the global pandemic, many people have found themselves spending more and more time at home. This has led to people deciding to make home renovations a priority, creating a lot of

Safety when Aging in Place

Keeping Seniors Safe at Home Aging in place is becoming the new norm for Canada’s aging population. Unlike previous generations, today’s seniors are making the choice to stay right where they are, in their own homes, among their own neighbourhoods and communities. They are choosing to adapt their homes to their changing needs, giving themselves

Aging in Place in the Country Part 1

How to stay safe as you age without moving to the city Spending weekends or vacationing in a cottage is a wonderful way to get out into the great outdoors with family and friends and to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Now, more than ever, those who own or have