Stair Lifts: A Solution for Seniors that Want to Age at Home

As people age, mobility may start to decrease and a daily task such as walking up and down the stairs every day have turned into a daily chore. If a home becomes unsafe due to a set of stairs that leads up to bedrooms, or down to a basement or laundry room, most people will consider the following options: senior living, moving to a single-level home, or having a stair lift installed. All of those options are great ways to solve any safety or mobility issues at home for seniors who are struggling to navigate the stairs at home. However, most seniors prefer to remain at home as they age, so a stair lift is likely the best option. In the rest of this post, we will help you learn why a stair lift is a great solution and the benefits it can provide to a senior who has limited mobility.



Comfort & Ease of Use

Stair lifts that are installed in homes are both comfortable and very easy to use. The chair of a stair lift has a cushion seat and most models have a number of upholstery color options to choose from.


Stairlifts are very easy to operate for most users. To go up the stairs, the user will simply push and hold down a switch on the arm of the chair and to go down the stairs, the user will push and hold down the switch the opposite way. Stair lifts also often come with two keyed remotes, which are necessary if there is more than one person using the lift. If someone who needs to use the lift is upstairs, he/she will push down a button on the remote to send the chair up to the top landing so that he/she can use the lift to get down to the lower level of the home.


Prevents Injuries

An often phrase heard from many seniors is “I still use the stairs for exercise”. The stairs may be a great way to exercise for someone who is an athlete, but not for anyone who has limited mobility. Walking at a track or nearby park is a much safer way to exercise for seniors who can no longer safely navigate a set of stairs. One missed step while walking up or down a staircase can result in a broken hip, leg, or a variety of other serious injuries. No one wants that to happen.


The addition of a stair lift to a seniors home will prevent a serious injury and will provide safe and easy access to the upper level or basement of a home.


Restores Independence

If a senior is living in a two-story home and is anxious about using the stairs or physically can no longer use the stairs, then they are unable to be fully independent at home. They most likely have to rely on a loved one or caregiver to help get up or down the staircase in their home. A stair lift will allow a senior with limited mobility to regain their independence because they will be able to safely access all levels of their home.


Cost Efficient – Most Affordable Aging Option

The cost of installing a stair lift on a straight staircase usually ranges between $3000-$7,000. The price you’ll pay depends on the brand you choose and any options that may need to be added to the lift. If the staircase has any curves or turns, you can expect to pay between $9,500-$13,000. The price may seem high, but when considering the monthly cost of a senior living facility, or the cost of moving to a single-level home, a stair lift is actually very cost efficient.


Allows you to Age in a Familiar Place

Having a stair lift installed in your home allows you to remain in the home you have grown to know and love. You’ll be be able to remain at home for many years to come.


Short Term Solution for Temporary Injury/Illness


If you decide a stair lift can improve your life and allow you to remain independent, consider visiting a local showroom. There are a number of stair lift dealers throughout the country that have these types of showrooms that will allow you to test ride a lift before deciding to purchase it. EHLS, a local stair lift dealer in the Chicago area, is an example of a stair lift showroom. Their showroom has 5 fully operational stair lifts that customers can test ride.


Extend the life of your home and regain your independence with the addition of a stair lift!


About the Author:

Eric Rubel has been the digital marketing coordinator at Extended Home Living Services (EHLS) since July 2016. EHLS is a family-owned business that has been serving the greater Chicago since 1991, by providing accessibility and mobility solutions such as stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and residential elevators.


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