Rise and Recline Chair – Making the Right Choice

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Picture this: it’s a cold winter’s evening and you’re sitting in your armchair. The fire is crackling, and you have a nice hot cup of cocoa in your hands. Perhaps you’re reading, watching tv or listening to some music. Cosy, isn’t it? After a while, you start to feel restless. You try changing your sitting position but can’t quite find the right one and then you need to get up. Pushing yourself up from sitting isn’t as easy as it once was. It almost makes you not want to sit in that nice, snug armchair anymore… But what if changing positions and getting out of your seat were easier? With a rise and recline chair, varying the way you sit and standing up is effortless. In fact, you can do both with the touch of a button.

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Rise and Recline Chair Buying Guide

Like anything on the market these days, there is an abundance of choice for riser recliner chairs. Options vary in price, quality and style, and choosing the right option for you can seem overwhelming. But we’re here to help you make the right choice for your home.

Measurements and Adjustments

The most important part of choosing the right riser recliner chair for you is the correct size. Some manufacturers have one standard set of seat measurements while others may offer a variety of models ranging in size as well as being adjustable. 

Here are the measurements you need to check;

  • Height – it’s important that your feet reach all the way to the floor when getting up out of the chair.
  • Armrest height – this also needs to be at the correct height for you to be able to use them to support you as you leave the chair.
  • Seat width and depth – depending on your build, you’ll need to make sure that the seat is wide enough or not too wide to be able to sit comfortably.
  • Back height – to be able to rest your head comfortably, depending on your own height.
  • Weight limit – It may be necessary to check the maximum weight for the chair and look into plus size models.

The more adjustment options the chair has, the better it will be for the user.

Remote Control

Rise and recline chairs usually come with a remote which is used to control the chair. The number of buttons on the remote will correspond to how many functions the chair has. It may be necessary to bear in mind the user’s cognitive condition, thinking about whether they will be able to fully understand and use the chair. Some users, such as those with rheumatic hands, may benefit from a joystick control as opposed to a standard remote.

Materials – Fabric vs Leather

Like any sofa or armchair, rise and recline chairs tend to come in either leather or fabric. So, what are the pros and cons of these different materials?
Fabric chairs come in a wide range of colours and patterns, are soft and pliable and are often more budget friendly. Leather riser recliner chairs, on the other hand, have fewer options when it comes to colour and style and may be slightly more expensive. They can also be slippery or get clammy, which can be uncomfortable, especially in warmer weather. However, leather may be a good option for pet owners or allergy sufferers, as they don’t harbour pet hair or allergens like a fabric chair would. They are also easier to clean in case you spill that hot cup of cocoa we were talking about earlier! With either material, it may be worth getting an incontinence cover which can also be useful for those drink spills.


Accessories for your riser recliner chair vary between manufacturers but here are some of the add-ons you might consider; extra headrest, backrest, pressure relief cushions or lumbar support to make the chair a better fit for you. Other conveniences include; tables, lap trays, pockets, and reading lights. Finally, if you’re worried about spills or incontinence then waterproof covers, incontinence covers, and armrest covers are available too.


The final consideration you’ll want to make is regarding the maintenance of your chair. Check with the supplier if spare parts or replacement cushions are available in case of a spillage and any other kind of damage. 


It’s important to take all these things into account so that you buy the best rise and recline chair for you to help keep you safe, comfortable, and able to enjoy those cold winter evenings relaxing by the fire.

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