Getting Up & Down and All Around

Human movement is a dynamic phenomenon. It has been studied and analyzed for years. As we age it is those little movements, we realize we all take for granted. Shifting our weight in a classroom chair, getting up to stretch from a long board room meeting, running to catch a train or simply just climbing a step or two. All these become a little more difficult as we go on in life.

Around the house there are numerous activities that require small movements that make a big difference in our day to day comfort and safety.
Enter Gripo (by Hepro), a sturdy, flexible supportive aid that helps you stand up and move around in your home. Gripo is suitable for any home and is very easy to install. The support pole works great on its own but can also be supplemented with many useful accessories.

It simply is the most versatile and adaptive accessory you can own to enable you to safe age in place without your home looking like an institutional facility.
The Gripo Apartment