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dawn wiggins rpn certified pac consultan
"Impacting lives outside the lines"

Dawn Wiggins

is a Registered Practical Nurse, MSC., Certified PAC Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Engagement Leader and Mentor of the Teepa Snow Care Approach, Certified Dementia Practitioner, and the President and Director of Operations of ‘New Dementians Professional Healthcare’.

With over 20 years of frontline, healthcare industry experience, Dawn is dedicated to educating and leading world-class, health care professionals. She’s trained countless teams of healthcare experts within the province of Ontario. Her mission is to positively impact care partners and their loved ones living with dementia. Dawn’s care philosophy is “people” focused as opposed to “task” focused. She daily encourages her teams to have a “people centered” care approach while bringing joy to every client they serve. 

With today’s Partner Profile, Dawn talks to us about her privilege of having built and managed topnotch dementia care neighborhoods at the institutional level. She also discusses her design consultations and the online 1 on 1’s and group support she provides. 


Dawn’s company recently released a song that not only highlight their work, but also depicts the reality of dementia survivors. 

Dawn’s vast expertise of healthcare experience continues to grow each year and we thank her for her contributions to the Age Safe Canada curriculum. Her wealth of knowledge in acute care, long term care, psychiatric care, home care, rehabilitation, and palliative care is a deep well of knowledge in this growing and important care setting. 

Dawn also discusses her current project of pursuing her Doctorate in Applied Social Research, Dementia Studies. 

Dawn’s greatest passion will forever be… caring for people living with dementia and supporting their care partners and we are lucky to have her as part of our advisory team.