Mcmaster Pace

Dr. Stuart Phillips

Dr. Stuart Phillips of McMaster Physical Activity Centre of Excellence

Dr. Stuart Phillips is in the Department of Kinesiology and has been part of McMaster University for 24 years. He and his research team are interested in studying aging from a physical and nutritional basis.

Our discussion focused on the need for individuals to include any form of physical activity as part of their daily routines to minimize the effects of aging and maintain their musculature, important for maintaining balance, which in turn assists with falls prevention.

As more and more research data become available Dr. Phillips’ goal is to ensure that everyone has access to this knowledge as a healthier aging society can reduce the overall costs to the healthcare system.

Dr. Phillips shares his notion that any exercise is good exercise, no matter how structured or unstructured. He also explains the many programs that have been developed within the McMaster Physical Activity Centre for Excellence (PACE), where programs began 40 years ago as part of a Cardio-Rehab program. He also notes that nutrition does not have to be difficult but needs to be attainable, affordable, and easy for older adults. 

Dr. Phillips’ team has contributed to the Age Safe Senior Home Safety Specialist™ course as we believe that activity around the home and the reduction of falls prevention go hand in hand.