Jim Closs on The Humble & Fred Podcast


On March 14th, 2022, Jim Closs, National Director of Age Safe Canada, visited with Humble & Fred on their Podcast to discuss Aging in Place and the Age Safe Canada platform.

After a long and illustrious radio career as the top GTA morning radio team in the ‘90’s, H&F had to reinvent themselves and became pioneers in the Podcast world. Their fun lifestyle show takes on modern life, entertainment, politics, and all points in between and is regularly ranked high on the Apple Podcast charts.

Our discussion began because of the latest news around the death of entertainer Bob Saget and the sad news that his death was the cause of a fall in the bathroom. This news gave Humble Howard Glassman, a newfound awareness of being alone and falling…it is a real concern within our Canadian society that impacts lives daily. Not just the fear and pain but the impact on our healthcare system as much as any pandemic.

The discussion led to the thoughts around the fact that the Canadian population continues to age at a very quick rate and an understanding as to how Age Safe Canada can assist Canadians navigate the various topics around safe aging was discussed.

Products like the Health Gauge watch (which is featured on the H&F Show) will be essential equipment for persons to remain independent with limited care because of their remote monitoring and telehealth capabilities.

It was a fun and informative discussion around an ever increasingly important topic.

Watch the podcast here:

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