Home Safety Assessments for the Elderly

For older adults to live independently at home, their environment must be safe. Home safety assessments for the elderly are crucial to ensure successful aging at home. A home safety assessment by a trained professional offers an objective look at the home environment without the finger-wagging or emotional triggers of a review by family members. It is comprehensive and provides suggestions for immediate, short term and long term solutions to address fall risk hazards and aging in place.

It is a baseline assessment of the current home so that improvements can be conducted by the homeowner, family members or vetted professionals. It provides a point of common information so everyone is on the same page with the resident and decisions for solutions can be based on recommendations. Some fall risks can be mitigated very easily with products, or sometimes, just moving the furniture around and picking up the clutter!

The advantage of the home safety assessment is the broad look at the whole house, both inside and outside. The trained professional may “see” things that may not even have been identified as a fall risk hazard by the homeowner. Their breadth of knowledge about products, accessories, and service providers is most valuable to facilitate the next steps. Taking the action, getting the changes made, and experiencing the peace of mind afterward are all part of the process. Our certified specialists can guide a senior, family members and caregivers to great solutions in the home.

Home Safety Assessments for the elderly includes the exterior of the home, all entry areas, every room including bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry room, garage, basement, kitchen and dining room, lighting evaluation, fire safety and electrical safety. Afterwards a complete summary is prepared with recommendations for fall prevention and home safety. If necessary modifications are suggested, the advisor will be able to confidently refer pre-screened and vetted providers in your area.