Home Safety for Aging-in-Place


Today there are many simple devices, tools and home modifications for assisting older adults to very comfortably, safely and securely age safe at home.


Devices or home modifications to help prevent falls or accidents

  • Nonskid strips in tubs, showers, and stairs
  • Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Set hot water heater to 120 degrees
  • Label all medications and note expiration dates
  • Non-breakable glasses and dishes
  • Electrical cords and appliances in good condition and out of the way
  • Toxic substances for cleaning, etc., clearly labeled and stored away from food


Devices or modifications to ensure safe movement in and around the home

  • Furniture rearranged for easy movement
  • Widened hallways
  • Ramps over steps
  • Nightlights in bedrooms, halls, and bathrooms
  • Flashlights and batteries in convenient places
  • Clutter removed from stairs and exit areas


Devices or home modifications to prevent crime or vandalism

  • Security system
  • Doors and locks that are easy to turn
  • Deadbolts on all doors
  • Outdoor lighting to deter theft
  • Trim shrubs and move debris away from windows and walkways


Communication tools for emergencies or staying in touch

  • Cordless phones, headsets, and speakerphones
  • Emergency response system or “call button”
  • Phone numbers of emergency personnel, neighbors and friends clearly posted near all phones
  • Computer with electronic mail


Adaptive equipment to help make activities of daily living easier

  • Raised toilet seat
  • Bath bench and hand-held showerhead
  • Handrail and/or grab bar near toilet and shower/bath
  • Eyeglasses and hearing aids
  • Clothes that open in the front
  • Specially designed eating utensils
  • Remote controls for TV or lights


Alternate forms of transportation or mobility

  • Canes and walkers
  • Motorized carts
  • Routes for busses and other public transportation
  • Phone numbers for taxi service or private transportation posted by the phone


Locate a Senior Home Safety Specialist™ to help you or your loved one ensure that the home environment is safe, accessible and comfortable.

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