Help Aging Parents Stay Warm and SAFE this Winter

Below are some simple steps that you can take to help reduce falls among older adults as well as adults with disabilities in your community.

  •  Attach spikeless ice and snow shoe gripper sole covers to shoes for extra stability when walking on slippery surfaces. Look for these at sporting goods stores.
  •  Attach an ice gripper cane tip that has spikes on the bottom to penetrate the ice and secure a firm grip. Ice grip tips can be purchased online.
  •  Choose winter shoes with rubber soles to maintain traction on slippery surfaces.
  • Encourage older adults to carry a zip top bag filled with a lightweight kitty litter in their pocket and cast it out ahead of themselves on slick surfaces.


Suggestions for fall-proofing gifts for aging parents:

  • Fall alarm systems that are motion triggered without hitting a button
  • Higher toilets in the home
  • Replace multifocal glasses with single vision eyeglass lenses
  • Grab bars in bathroom and next to outside steps or inside thresholds
  • Install firm stair railings on both sides of stairways
  • Set automatic lights over stairways and by outside entrances
  • Cover home entryway and provide a table to sit bags on while finding keys
  • Give small/light flashlights to attach to key chains, hats, and coat buttons
  • Easy to carry water bottle to promote staying well hydrated.


Help make this winter season a safe, warm, and wonderful for your patients, family, and community!




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