Bay Area Health Trust

Bay Area Health Care’s Business Development Office leads the organization’s strategy to identify and deliver on revenue generating partnerships.

We are responsible for identifying and expanding business opportunities with prospective partners, be they our internal affiliates or external corporations or organizations.

The Business Development Office is dedicated to forming partnerships with innovative companies and identifying exceptional opportunities that are designed to improve quality, service, and affordability for its beneficiaries; introduce innovative products and services to the health care organization; and generate attractive rates of return.

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Our unique environment offers a strategic integration potential for commercial opportunities not commonly found in health care. The business development office is focused on securing these partnerships in support of our vision and mission.

Bay Area Health Trust has formed a relationship with Live Easy Inc. to create a boutique distribution company that will focus on companies that aim to make aging in place safe and comfortable. The combination of BAHT resources with LEI’s experience and connections will serve an attractive model to small innovative start-ups who wish to penetrate the Canadian market or scale beyond their current sales.

Early in 2021, LE and BAHT acquired the rights to run the Age Safe Canada program throughout the country. Our unique experience and network will advance the Age Safe brand in the years to come.


“COVID-19 has increased pressure and scrutiny on seniors’ homes and the care they receive, making them and future generations of seniors top-of-mind for Canadians, this pressure is driving increased interest and awareness in our programs of Aging in Place and Aging at Home from those who are, or who care for seniors” 

Peter Kalra, President and CEO of Bay Area Health Trust.

Age Safe Canada also looks to be a beacon of ongoing and continued education in the Aging in Place field. We work with National associations and advocacy groups to enable a healthy discussion and action plans towards a better aging experience in Canada.