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Stepscan Gait Analysis & Falls Prevention

Stepscan is a Canadian tech success, combining multiple pieces of data around how we walk into usable information to help practitioners and professionals design rehab and treatment plans and avoid falls risks. Crystal Trevors explains the technology and its various uses.


We often don’t think about how we walk unless we are sore, or something doesn’t feel right. As we age these feelings become more regular and they can change the way we move. We also know that mobility and maintaining mobility is the key to healthy aging.  With these thoughts in mind, Crystal and her team have developed a simple means by which we can gain data around our mobility and use that data in a practical sense.

Professionals in multiple settings can utilize the information presented through the Stepscan technology to better assess their clients, residents, or patients as to the level of risk of falling they present. Knowing the level of risk before the fall enables strategies to reduce or remove the fall itself. Creating these strategies is an effective way of producing a cost savings to the HealthCare system….and more importantly, reducing the pain and suffering of the fall victim.


Stepscan is proudly Canadian, and the technology is becoming more and more available with expansion plans throughout 2022 including homecare visits.


Stepscan is a story where complex science can provide answers to serious but everyday issues.