Safe at Home Physiotherapy

Joni Snair founded Safe at Home Physiotherapy after recognizing the need to provide her services in a more efficient manner. Getting to a clinic is not always easy for many of her clients and the idea of getting up and out of the house, although beneficial for other reasons, was daunting to some especially if they were rehabbing from an injury. Physio in the home also is able to assist with some of the daily challenges within the home and give Joni and the client plans for important issues like Falls Prevention.

Joni spent some time in Finland and learned a great deal about the differences on how healthcare is delivered in Scandinavian countries and is trying to bring a little of that back to her own practice. Countries like Finland understand that aging and living in place is a reality and not a dream and therefore build their programs around this concept….and it has been executing these plans for more than 30 years!

Canadian provinces who deliver the homecare programs need to take on a paradigm shift and start to understand the multiple benefits of proactive homecare solutions and not just the reactionary concepts that are in play today.

Joni is a private practitioner/entrepreneur who is looking to make these changes happen in her home province of Nova Scotia by getting to where the needs are and connecting with clients in their own environment where PT and other services are met with a greater level of success.