Homelifts by Cambridge Elevating

The need to manage stairway travel within the home is likely the number one safety concern of all those looking to Age Safe® and Live Well®. Many may think that a home elevator is just the right solution for them and…they are likely right. Manufacturers have stepped up their game and are starting to provide wonderful new choices in the residential elevator world. The latest category of Homelifts is one of those choices.
By design, a Homelift has a smaller platform and requires less structural construction to easily install in a residential setting. Brian Granger of Homelifts by Cambridge Elevating has taken the time to tell us about the steps required to assess a home for a Homelift and his own satisfaction of providing clients not just a unique safety fixture but also a product that fits beautifully into most home designs.

During their consultive visit you get the overall picture of the steps involved in a how the project comes together and how the Homelift will both look and operate once completed. It is an opportunity for a Homelift specialist to meet you and see your home so that they can take the time to review your needs and map out how to meet them, developing a concise plan of how they’ll move forward. As with any home renovation, everything needs to be mapped out on paper before work begins.

Brian himself holds the Senior Home Safety Specialists®  certification, an important distinction as he is aware of other aspects of the home that may be of concern while ensuring that the Homelift will be a suitable solution.

By the time a Homelift specialist leaves your home, you will 

  • Understand how a Homelift will fit into your home and benefit your lifestyle
  • Be familiar with the process
    • The roles and responsibilities
    • The schedule of events
    • The Scope of Work
  • Feel Comfortable with a price budget
    • you will have the whole scope
  • Have had all your questions answered 
    • Whether you’re questioning what we’re saying or clearing up any niggling doubts, you have time to make sure everything’s out in the open and answered before moving on to the next stage.

A Homelift project is composed of key elements that ensure it is a success. Following this fail-safe plan, Cambridge Elevating ensures each step is conducted in a timely and effective manner.

As Brian says, the best satisfaction he gets from his role at Cambridge Elevating is that he is “providing a genuine solution”, for his clients by giving them, “an option to live a dignified life” and do it in a “safe and stylish manner”.

We thank Brian for his time, please go to www.homelifts.ca for more information.