Common Home Modifications


  •      Changing doorknobs to levers
  •      Adding higher wattage lighting
  •      Grab bars for toilets and showers
  •      Removing clutter and throw rugs
  •      Ramps for wheelchairs and walkers
  •      Walk-in shower
  •      Lazy Susan for easier access
  •      Highlight changes in grade
  •      Repair cracks in walkways
  •      Widening of doorways
  •      Lowering doorway thresholds
  •      Leveling floors
  •      Install sliding and pull shelves
  •      Lowering counter tops
  •      Changing drawer pulls
  •      Raising toilet seat height


Key Risk Areas in a Home

  • Exterior walkways
  • Home doorway
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Stairways and steps
  • Driveways & garage
  • Security systems

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