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Join a Fast Growing Network of Home Safety and Property Management Advisors Protecting Older Canadians Choosing to Age-in-Place.



One of a Kind Opportunity.

Age Safe® Canada is a national membership organization directed by recognized experts in home safety, aging-in-place, universal design, environmental assessments, and marketing to seniors and boomers. We offer consulting services, business development, tools, resources and support services to assist entrepreneurs and existing business owners to engage this underserved and untapped market. This is a unique opportunity to leverage the massive growth of the Senior Market and the record breaking potential of the Aging-in-Place Home Modifications industry.


You Can Make a Real Difference.

Age Safe® Canada members enhance the ability of older adults to safely enjoy the comfort, freedom and independence to “age safe at home”. Advisor Members are independent business owners providing education, comprehensive safety assessments, recommendations and solutions for Fall Prevention, Home Safety Modifications and Crime Prevention. Members are dedicated to serving seniors with dignity and integrity and committed to keeping up with industry knowledge to better serve their aging clientele and provide confidence and peace of mind to their family members.


Necessary, Simple and Affordable.

Age Safe® Canada offers a unique opportunity to motivated individuals wanting the freedom and independence to work from home, as well as those looking for an additional revenue stream for an existing business. An Advisor can enjoy no employees, no office, little overhead and low start-up costs. Many people are now interested in finding opportunity in the senior market, attracted by the aging of Canada, however, most are not willing or able to invest a large amount of money to get started. Our training and coaching program allows you to engage this unprecedented demographic with the knowledge, support and confidence to become a true resource in your community.


The full Advisor Member Training and Coaching Program has been our premier training since 2015. This comprehensive package is designed for those looking to build and/or scale a business around Home Safety Assessments and Aging in Place Home Modifications. Typically these individuals have already decided this is their career path and/or they are adding an additional revenue stream to an existing business. This program offers the real life; best practices Marketing and Networking strategies, and client messaging many are looking for to effectively engage this growing market. Also includes targeted 1-on-1 coaching delivered via teleconference and recorded coaching sessions via webinar, miscellaneous business start-up tools, forms, agreements, waivers, presentation tools, and marketing materials, and a 75-page manual. This package includes all the business planning tools, the Senior Home Safety Specialist™ certification, Age Safe® Advisor Member status for 1-full year.  


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