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One of a Kind Opportunity.

Age Safe® Canada is a national membership organization directed by recognized experts in home safety, aging-in-place, universal design, environmental assessments, and marketing to seniors and boomers. We offer consulting services, business development, tools, resources and support services to assist entrepreneurs and existing business owners to engage this underserved and untapped market. This is a unique opportunity to leverage the massive growth of the Senior Market and the record breaking potential of the Aging-in-Place Home Modifications industry.


You Can Make a Real Difference.

Age Safe® Canada members enhance the ability of older adults to safely enjoy the comfort, freedom and independence to “age safe at home”. Advisor Members are independent business owners providing education, comprehensive safety assessments, recommendations and solutions for Fall Prevention, Home Safety Modifications and Crime Prevention. Members are dedicated to serving seniors with dignity and integrity and committed to keeping up with industry knowledge to better serve their aging clientele and provide confidence and peace of mind to their family members.


Necessary, Simple and Affordable.

Age Safe® Canada offers a unique opportunity to motivated individuals wanting the freedom and independence to work from home, as well as those looking for an additional revenue stream for an existing business. An Advisor can enjoy no employees, no office, little overhead and low start-up costs. Many people are now interested in finding opportunity in the senior market, attracted by the aging of Canada, however, most are not willing or able to invest a large amount of money to get started. Our training and coaching program allows you to engage this unprecedented demographic with the knowledge, support and confidence to become a true resource in your community.


The full Advisor Member Training and Coaching Program has been our premier training since 2015. This comprehensive package is designed for those looking to build and/or scale a business around Home Safety Assessments and Aging in Place Home Modifications. Typically these individuals have already decided this is their career path and/or they are adding an additional revenue stream to an existing aging services business. This program offers the real life; best practices Marketing and Networking strategies, and client messaging many are looking for to effectively engage this growing market. The package includes targeted coaching sessions delivered via webinar plus 1-on-1 coaching via teleconference. Also included are miscellaneous business start-up tools, forms, agreements, waivers, presentation tools, marketing materials, and a 55-page guide.


Package includes the Senior Home Safety Specialist™ certification ($397 value)
-The Age Safe® Canada Advisor Membership status for 1-full year ($299 value)
-PLUS inclusion in the Age Safe® Services Registry with local referrals for 1-full year ($228 value)
-PLUS access to exciting and lucrative technology products your clients want and need! (PERS/Telehealth/AI)
-BONUS: Ongoing Monthly Coaching for 1-full year with access to additional tools and training ($1200.00 value)


The strategies and tools to hit the ground running… and the confidence to know where you’re going!


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What People Are Saying About our Training & Coaching:


“Our experience with Age Safe® has been very positive. The entire team has been invaluable in getting our business launched. They are always very responsive to our questions and bring so much experience to the table. As a Realtor being part of the aging-in-place solution is a great opportunity to be a positive force in our community. We’re glad we chose to participate with the Age Safe® training and coaching program.” – Tom G.


“I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed our coaching sessions. You are all great teachers and just amazing. You have provided me valuable information and support. Even with my Home Inspector training you literally gave me a firehouse of information and tools to add to my arsenal. You guys are the real deal. I am very excited about the opportunities in this market and I feel with your continued support and ongoing coaching I will be very successful.” – Kevin K.


“Excellent! I am excited to get started with these services as a perfect addition to our HME business. The course has given me confidence to begin immediately. I am anxious, not only to start, but to build a strong partnership with Age Safe®. Thank you for your guidance.” – Rhonda R.


“The Age Safe® advisor training and coaching course was very informative and covered areas that one would not think of for this type of business. The presenters and coaches knowledge was so valuable. As a Paramedic I’d much rather spend my time and energy on preventing falls than on responding to an injury that could have been avoided altogether.” – Pete H.


“Hello, I found the course to have everything needed to put my business together. I look forward to entering the field and ongoing coaching with Age Safe®. Excellent program! I have already recommended the program to other Physical Therapists with confidence.” – Katarina S.


“The coaching was very thorough and provided more than I anticipated.” – Sue W.


“Want to thank you for the opportunity to be part of a great organization. I really like what you have created and I am glad to be a part of the team. Your advocacy in regard to home safety, accessibility and modifications along with developing relationships with the national corporations, insurance companies and government agencies is applauded. As an Occupational Therapist and CAPS, I believe Age Safe® will be at the forefront of this emerging and much needed niche.” – Alan P.


“Overall the course was excellent! The content was very through and covered many needed areas. I’m excited to get started with my new future!!” – Brad M.


“We owned and operated a 100 bed assisted living facility in Arizona, most of our clients came to us due to a fall, and usually heartbroken that they had to leave their homes. Most of them believed that they would one day return home, there were only a few. We feel so excited to help our community to stay home safely where they want to be. Such a wonderful course, and it was easy to understand, and very comprehensive. I wish I had found Age Safe® years ago”. – Caroline W.


“I have been a contractor for 30 years, and in the last few years been doing more and more home modifications for aging seniors. Over the last year I’ve been investigating different ways to position myself in this growing market and be of service to folks here in my area. When I found Age Safe I told my wife, look they already created a simple step by step aging-in-place program. You guys have done the homework for anyone who wants to engage this market and provide a much needed service. Your marketing strategies and networking ideas are awesome and will really help give me a jump in the marketplace.” – Darryl R.


“As a Certified-Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) I have been in over 400 homes providing different levels of safety and accessibility assessments for seniors and the disabled. Age Safe® has put together an impressive comprehensive training program. The “how to” of senior home safety in a simple step-by-step guide and when combined with the marketing and community outreach tools will help position the advisor as a resource in the marketplace and secure new clients.” – Eddie M.


We are here to help you make a difference.