About Us


“We are coming into a senior population explosion that is unprecedented in history. We will need an army of educated and compassionate advocates to assist them with dignity and integrity. Age Safe® Canada will help train and empower this army.”


Age Safe® Canada is a national membership, training, advocacy and services organization dedicated to meet the growing need for Home Safety Assessments and Aging-in-Place Home Modifications. Since 2015 the company has been directed by recognized experts in fall prevention, senior home safety, aging-in-place, universal design, home modifications, environmental assessment, and marketing to seniors and aging boomers. We provide training, consulting, certifications, product reviews, tools, resources and support to businesses, professionals and organizations providing products and services to seniors and their adult children.


Age Safe® Canada is committed to the importance of home safety and accessibility to help older adults improve their odds for having an independent and productive life. We offer the Senior Home Safety Specialist™ designation to all individuals currently serving seniors, which includes education for home safety, fall prevention, fire safety, home modifications and crime prevention. The goal of Age Safe® Canada is to help older adults and their families enjoy the comfort, freedom and independence to “age safe at home.”


Age Safe® Canada Members are independent advisors, providers, contractors and health care professionals dedicated to helping seniors and their families determine the steps necessary to maximize both safety and independence. Members provide a myriad of valuable services to older adults, family caregivers, aging boomers and homeowners including education, comprehensive home safety assessments, product recommendations and installations. Members proudly display our patriotic emblem to validate their commitment to Canadians of all ages and abilities to Age Safe® Live Well.


Age Safe® has trained professionals from Canada, United States, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East. We have positioned ourselves as a training and consulting leader in the Aging in Place space with our Senior Home Safety Specialist™ certification. We have trained OT’s, COTA’s, PT’s, PTA’s, MD’s, RN’s, CSA’s, CAPS, Case Managers, Social Workers, First Responders, College Professors, Entrepreneurs, Industry Executives, Home Care Agencies, Assisted Living Communities, Healthcare Networks, Realtors, Contractors, Remodelers, Home Inspectors, Handyman Services, Non-Profit and Fortune 100 Companies.



Our Purpose:

To provide consulting services, business development, tools, resources and support services to professionals, entrepreneurs and existing business owners wanting to provide a critical service to older adults, veterans and the disabled. To empower our Members to reach their potential, develop credibility and confidence in the marketplace, and promote safety and wellbeing in the community.


Our Mission:

To train and empower professionals, entrepreneurs, seniors and caregivers with essential knowledge and skills necessary to better help clients or themselves. To be a trusted name for those choosing to “age safe at home” and a source of confidence and peace of mind to family members.


Our Vision:

To affect the safety, security and longevity of the world’s aging population.



Age Safe® Live Well.