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4 Top Nutrition Predictions for 2018!

Several food and nutrition trends were in the spotlight this year, including the continued rise of plant-based diets, non-dairy ice creams and superfoods that are blasts from the past — legumes, apples and cabbage. It can be easy to experience nutrition whiplash in...

6 Ways to Avoid Triggers in the Home for Alzheimer’s

  There are changes we can make to the home environment to reduce confusion or triggering difficult behaviors for family members with Alzheimer’s disease.   Check the lighting in the house to reduce glare (reflections off a shiny kitchen counter top, for...

What Puts Elders at Risk of Falling?

Some fall risk factors listed below are preventable and others are not, but knowing the factors can still help you assess your level of risk. If you live alone or have a small social circle, you are at higher risk of falling because you are less likely to have help...

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