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Crime Prevention Tips for Older Adults

Crime and the fear of crime create special problems for the elderly. Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility, not just a job for law enforcement. Seniors can learn how to protect themselves from crime by following these simple, commonsense suggestions.   At...

Stair Lifts: A Solution for Seniors that Want to Age at Home

As people age, mobility may start to decrease and a daily task such as walking up and down the stairs every day have turned into a daily chore. If a home becomes unsafe due to a set of stairs that leads up to bedrooms, or down to a basement or laundry room, most...

Age Safe at Home

You don’t need to be a Blue Jays fan to understand the value of being “safe at home.” One of the criteria of an older adult’s residence qualifying as “Home Sweet Home” is that it has to be a safe environment, free from the threat of accidents, and accessible if...

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